About Us

Our Why

Tattered Lives Farm (TLF) 501(c)(3) is the brainchild of our Veteran Founder, Jason “Jake” Jean. Jake is a successful entrepreneur in many business fields, but real estate development and construction have molded him for over three decades.

Jason has had his share of health and life’s financial ups and downs over the years, along with his realization of how important your mental health is and why he has made it his focus to help those dealing with mental health issues a priority of TLF.

Jake's never-give-up attitude, faith, and daily appreciation of being above ground is his drive to make Tattered Lives Farm, Inc. one of the largest nonprofit land development companies in the United States, with the TLF community restart program giving back to families that need a new beginning.

Jake has met many people dealing with extraordinary traumatic circumstances through his businesses. Unfortunately, many families in need don’t have anywhere to turn, and many families’ backs are against the wall. Tattered Lives Farm is going to change that. You never know when it will be you that needs a restart in life.

If you resonate with the TLF mission, you can donate below, or if you need a restart, you can get signed up here.

Our Mission

Tattered Lives Farm (“TLF”) believes that life is better lived by having a solid foundation of faith and intact mental health.

The three pillars of TLF hope to support your success in building a strong life foundation. TLF offers an online platform called Here2Listen.org, which is designed as a mental health peer support group. Tattered Lives Farm will offer animal-assisted therapy for the relief of symptoms such as depression and anxiety. The Rising Phoenix Development Communities has been developed as an affordable housing option to assist families in establishing the restart to having a home.

Meet the Team

Jason "JAKE" Jean


Jess Jaimes, Army Veteran

Board Member

Jackie Ventura

Board Member

Jasmin Mosing

Sponsorship Director

Chelsea Sheppard

Marketing Director

Ahtsham Ul Haq

Website Manager

Katie Jean

Research Intern

Sarah Awrey

Event Coordinator

Sammie Spotts


Jefferson Daniel

Web Designer

Rebecca Perkins

Website Content Writer

Nathan Keister

Graphic Artist

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