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“Tattered Lives Farm brings together people who have experienced trauma with rescued farm animals to improve their overall joy in life.”


Tattered Farms Lives goal is to become one of the nation’s largest real estate development brands that build affordable housing where profits don’t matter but keeping a roof over farm families’ heads does!

Benefits Of Animal Assisted Therapy

By Tattered Lives Farm

December 4, 2019

When we experience grief or trauma, we are as a person are sometimes shaken. We are scared to move on and live in the pain of what has just happened—trusting yourself and those around you to understand what life looks like is difficult. We isolate and hide feelings, causing more pain and turmoil and delaying healing.The bond between animals and humans has always been strong, but most don’t see farm animals as your typical therapy animal. The dog or a dairy cow are all accepting, non-judgemental beings that get and love take on without regard for their state. 


Animal-assisted therapy can be more than just simply spending time with the animal. Engaging the animal in walking, brushing, feeding, riding, and overall care increases empathy, self-esteem, trust, and social skill and decreases isolation, loneliness, anxiety, and depression.

The goofy entertainment nature of a goat can provide a laugh and a lighthearted moment to someone while they are hurting. A horse or a cow’s calm and composed nature can help break down walls and allow someone to open up and trust. Sometimes the animals can tell us that it’s ok, but not always to be ok.

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Tattered Lives Farm (TLF) is the brainchild of our Veteran Founder, Jason “Jake” Jean. Jake is a successful entrepreneur in many business fields, but real estate development and construction have molded him for over three decades.

Jason has had his share of health and life’s financial ups and downs over the years, along with his grit never to give up and his daily appreciation of being above ground is his drive to make Tattered Lives Farm, Inc one of the largest nonprofit land development companies in the United States, with the TLF community restart program giving back to families that need a new beginning.

Through his businesses, Jake has gotten to meet so many people dealing with some extraordinary traumatic circumstances. Unfortunately, many families in need don’t have anywhere to turn, and many families’ backs are against the wall. Tattered Lives Farm is going to change that. You never know when it will be you that needs a restart in life. If you resonate with the TLF mission, you can donate below, or if you need a restart, you can get signed up here.

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