TLF Campaigns


Fundraising can be overwhelming, especially when you don’t know where the money is going. We want to be transparent – this is why we started fundraising campaigns! By showing the campaigns we’re working towards, we also allow others to recognize the labor or supplies that might be needed and donate that as well!


Development Build
Goal: $25,000,000
Deadline: 9/31/2023

Campaign Details: No doubt this has never been done before! On our remaining 100 acres TLF is going to build over 100+, 3 bedroom, 2 bath, affordable housing rentals!

The goal is to not use one penny of institutional monies. We have been told this will never happen and we disagree with this!

The overall goal is use this as our model and build these mini farm/affordable developments around the country! By raising the capital needed through fundraising TLF will have the abilty to control the rent charged and make sure rents are affordable.

Rents will help with operational cost of the main farm and with the addition of more TLF farms/affordable housing locations across the United States!

Everyone who donates $5.00 will have their name branded on the main TLF barn and will have free access to the main farm during visiting hours to see the animals.

The funds raised will go to the cost of the infustructure (roads & utlities) and the construction of each unit.

Be part of what everyone says can’t be done!

Before you donate below, you can review our estimated income & expenses. Click Here

Vehicle Pass
Price: $50
Deadline: 11/26/2023

Campaign Details: The cost above is associated with registering your vehicle to participate in the Jeeps & Beats Atlantic Poker Run.

Land Clearing
Goal: $25,000+-
Deadline: 10/1/2021

Campaign Details: The 56 acres needs to be thinned, where the fence will encompass the entire property needs to be brush hogged, where the main house and outbuildings needs to be cleared for construction. We are looking for financial or equipment donations.

Property Fencing
Goal: $100,000+-
Deadline: 10/1/2021

Campaign Details: The 56 acres need to be enclosed with fencing. Here is an example of the type of fence we would like for the propety. We appreciate any and all donations whether they are financial, supplies or labor.

How to get Involved?

As a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit organization Tattered Lives Farm relies on your generosity to continue providing our excellent care and services.

We sincerely appreciate every donation.