Through our mission of bringing together people who have experienced trauma with rescued farm animals, we also hope to help these families that have gone through a traumatic experience to get their feet planted back on a solid financial foundation.

With the founders, extensive background in the Land Development industry, the concept of building a housing development for families hit with a situation out of their control was born. On approximately 100+- acres, through financial and material donations, homes will be built for families to rent at a below-market value.

This concept helps families dealing with something so terrible by helping them get back on their feet and securing a roof over their heads, and keeping the Tattered Lives Farm mission funded.

The first of five farms is underway in Maple Hill, NC, with future locations in Central Florida, Central Texas, South Central Montana, Santa Fe, and Southern Nevada.

Donate Now

Phase I

Our first phase will consist of 30 buildable lots, and the cost to construct the infrastructure, homes, and complete farm complex is approximately 9 million dollars.


That is no small number, but this is no small endeavor either. When you dream big and let nothing stand in your way, you bring those dreams to reality.


We desire to do it without using any institutional monies. We want to operate solely through donations by the people, for the people!

We understand you must believe in our mission to donate, and we will leave you with this thought. You will buy something from a corporate juggernaut and benefit their bottom line and CEOs.

What if you took that one purchase, donated it to TLF, sat back, and proudly watched as we grew? You can say you are part of that.

How to support TLF

Support for Tattered Lives Farm comes in many ways. Donations financially and in-kind are always the best way to show your support for our mission, but we know that projects of this magnitude, in many cases, need more than just donations to make it happen.

Because you see the potential of what Tattered Lives Farm is doing, we have opportunities for you to participate by giving Tattered Lives Farm a loan to help support the mission nationwide. You may inquire regarding how you can help make TLF one of the nation’s leading restart community nonprofit organizations.

Tattered Lives Farm will always own 100% of all the land and will lease each parcel back to the individual or corporate group that will fractionally own the rental unit built on the rented property.  Tattered Lives Farm will be in charge of constructing all units built on the parcels.

You will see where our potential income is subject to come from.

Fractional Ownership Option

The desire is for Tattered Lives Farm’s affordable housing development to be 100% funded without any institutional funds and instead by individuals or groups wanting to get into owning real estate. This fractional option should be live by October 2023, but you can still get involved early by filling out the form to the right and having one of our TLF representatives explain all available options.


You ask why?

It is simple; Tattered Lives Farm would rather see an individual wanting to expand their real estate investment portfolio to our mission. While you are making money off the rental you have provided funding to build, you have helped another family in need, and that is the mission!


Paying back interest/profits to fractional owners who understand and want to be part of the Tattered Lives Farm mission is essential to our goals and growth. Give back to the ones who have helped instead of the usual corporate juggernauts!


To get involved, fill out the form to the right.



Construction Methods

ICF Houses


ENERGY EFFICIENCY: R-23 or more. No air leakage. High mass walls.


AFFORDABLE: Factory direct pricing. Energy Tax Incentives.


SOUND RETENTION: Equal to commercial “privacy” walls –STC 53 or more.


WIND RESISTANCE: Resists 200 mph deadly winds and debris.


FIRE RETARDANT: Preferred for “fire” walls – Typical 2 hour Fire Rating on concrete.


MOLD RESISTANCE: Forms and concrete do not contribute to mold growth.


ENVIRONMENTAL: Conserve natural resources and reduce fuel consumption.


These building components reduce the carbon output and environmental impact without sacrificing superior strength and performance.



  • Solar energy is clean & green energy. …
  • Not dependent on other sources of Energy. …
  • Non-maintenance. …
  • Safer than Other. …
  • Renewable Energy. …
  • Electricity Bill Reduction. …
  • Maximum Usage. …
  • Technology Development.

TLF and building GREEN

Tattered Lives Farm and its investment to ensure our rentals are affordable through its forward-thinking construction methods.


Providing each home with solar power energy does this! It is another way TLF helps assure the long-term financial success of each family that lives in one of its communities.

Bumblebee Plan

The relaxing feeling of sitting on the front porch and enjoying your morning coffee in the comfort of our bumblebee design. This plan is about simplicity and keeping life cozy. This open floor plan will keep the family in conversation, whether in the living room or kitchen.




28, 31, 34, 41, 44, 55, 58, 63, 66, 69

Sandcastle Plan

The Sandcastle gives you that little extra you expect when it comes to your mudroom; the nook area is a favorite for any new family. The covered back porch is a plus, along with the open floor plan!




29, 32, 35, 42, 53, 56, 59, 64, 67, 70

Driftwood Plan

Welcome to the Driftwood design. This incredibly open floor plan will surely excite any homeowner who loves having people over! Enjoy friends in the oversized kitchen and that cozy fireplace. If the ground permits, there is an option for a basement, but this is designed for slab-on-grade construction.




30, 33, 39, 43, 54, 57, 61, 65, 68, 71

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