Why ducking?

March 12, 2023

We sit down and talk with the Founder, Jason Jean and ask why “Ducking?”

Staff: When did you start Ducking?

Jason: It’s a Jeep thing. Not sure when or why it started
but ever since I’ve been owning Jeeps they have been ducked and that’s been
since 2016. I’ve never actually ducked a Jeep, mine have always been ducked.

Staff: What is Ducking?

Jason: I see it as a marketing idea and why I jumped on the
bandwagon for TLF. It’s fun and a good way to spread the word about Tattered
Lives Farm through a specific community. It drives traffic to the site through
the attached information tag with the domain printed on it.

Staff: Whom do you Duck?

Jason: Personally, I duck any Jeep, to me it’s about the
community and not how a Jeep looks. It doesn’t matter to me if it is a stock Jeep
or a totally tricked-out Jeep, to me we are all in the Jeep family.

Staff: How many Jeeps do you plan on ducking?

Jason: TLF bought 400 to start and once that run of ducks is
out and we see what type of response we get from the campaign will determine
how many we do next. We hope to do it nationally, to be honest. Hopefully, others
love the idea and want to buy ducks for their area and the tags and spread the
duck love.

Staff: Why Ducking?

Jason: Why not? It’s fun and I would rather put the money
into something that could make someone smile when they get to their Jeep compared
to putting money into some bogus ad run on social media that we know won’t get
us any more views or traffic to the site since most are BOT views anyways.


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