Tattered Lives Farm needs your help!


Being a 501(c)(3) non-profit rescue farm, we rely on monetary and nonmonetary donations to support and provide for our animals. You can donate and get involved with Tattered Lives Farm in several ways. Please consider a one-time monetary donation or business sponsorship, or check out how to adopt/sponsor one of our animals under the adoption page.



We are also open to donations of farming equipment, food, goods, or products to help run the farm’s day-to-day operations. It never hurts when it comes to comparing costs when it will help you to save money. 



The initial development design is complete, with a few approvals for the main development. THIS IS ONLY AN ESTIMATE. If funds are raised sooner, then the development will be built accordingly.

Phase 1 consists of the initial 30 homes to be built. Most of these 30 units’ infrastructure is from a previous development. This bonus will help get needy families into homes sooner. Phase 1 build-out is set to cost approximately $9,000,000.

Estimated Construction Start Date: October 2023.

Phase 2 build will consist of 40 homes and the remaining infrastructure for the main development. Phase 2 build-out is set to cost approximately $12,000,000 for the homes and $1,700,000 for the infrastructure.

Estimated Construction Start Date: February 2024.

Phases 3, 4, and 5 build will consist of 40 homes per phase, costing approximately cost per phase is $5,000,000.

Note: The costs for construction are estimates, and prices are locked in from the 2023 construction season. The only variable will be fuel and delivery fees.

Estimated Construction Start Date: October 2023.

Click here to review the updated income/expense report.