TLF Development Coming 2022

November 1, 2021

We are proud to announce we are going to build the first ever development that helps families who have gone through some sort of traumatic life experience, fallen on hard times and need a helping hand to keep a roof over their heads and get back on their feet! 

TLF goal is to build affordable housing around the country with a mini farmette of some kind to assure the access to therapeutic animals and gardening opportunities.

Watch through our VLOG on the status of this awesome development! 

Everyone stay safe and if you want to volunteer, have anything to donate or want to financially donate click here.

Much Love…

Team TLF

UPDATE: 10/11/2022

It’s been one hell of almost a year since we announced our plan for this development! Covid never seemed to give up on setting people behind on the plan design and overall fundraising opportunities. The economy was next and still not on our side but we have come up with what we hope is our ace in the hole and will get the masses to help not only our NC mission but what our overall goal to expand these nice affordable communities nationwide. Stay tuned for more updates and please get involved!

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