Ducking Coming 2023

March 12, 2023


Ducking isn’t a new trend, but it is for Tattered Lives Farm. Finding new ways to get our mission to as many people as possible, and one group who are very tight-knit is the Jeep community. 


Ducking seemed a great way to spread the word and announce our Jeeps & Beats event in August 2023.


If you get ducked, hopefully, you come to the site and want to participate in some capacity.


To donate, click here.


Team TLF

Tattered Lives Farm announces its Fractional Ownership Option

February 13, 2023

The most asked question is, how? How will you build this affordable housing development without banks or big investment firms?


That has been the question for a few years now. Many laws must be followed when bringing on investors, and so many are broken daily by so many. So let us walk you through how we intend to be better, and let us announce the first not to use institutional money to make the mission of Tattered Lives Farm become a reality.


The answer to this question is called Fractional Ownership! This concept isn’t new, but we haven’t found another non-profit using it in this compacity. Again you ask why? The WHY is that this project needs to be funded, and big banks or large investment groups support most projects like this.


We weren’t interested in putting any more money in their pockets, so Fractional Ownership, once all our paperwork is in place, will allow all the units to be owned by individuals or financial groups for as low as $500 per investment. The Fractional Ownership option gives the so-called “average joe” the ability to help Tattered Live Farm and its national mission and put money in the “average joes” pocket for helping. You make a little money helping others!


Pretty unique, right? Right!


Frankly, we are all sick of being bombarded with people asking for donations, and structuring Tattered Lives Farm the way it is, allows it to be funded by the land development and not rely on donations. It gives people who would have donated the ability to put that money in the Fractional Ownership option, help grow the Tattered Lives Farm mission nationwide, and put money back in their pockets.


If you want to get involved in the Fractional Ownership program, you can fill out the form to the left, and the Founder will contact you personally.


Team TLF

TLF Development Coming 2023

October 11, 2022


We are proud to announce we got the final design of the development and over 100+ affordable homes we will build. 


It is TLF’s goal not to use a penny of institutional money. Is this possible? Everyone has said NO; we are up to the challenge to prove these no says wrong! Are you? Are you up to help? Our campaign announcement is going to launch on Oct 24th.


The first phase will consist of the infrastructure, 30 single-family homes, and the complete farm complex for an estimated 9 million dollars. 


Watch through our VLOG on the status of this remarkable development! 


Everyone stay safe, and if you want to volunteer, have anything to donate, or want to donate, click here.


Team TLF

TLF Development Coming 2022

November 1, 2021


We are proud to announce we will build the first-ever development that helps families who have gone through some traumatic life experience, fallen on hard times, and need a helping hand to keep a roof over their heads and get back on their feet! 


TLF aims to build affordable housing around the country with a mini farmette to assure access to therapeutic animals and gardening opportunities.


Watch through our VLOG on the status of this remarkable development! 


Everyone stay safe, and if you want to volunteer, have anything to donate, or want to donate, click here financially click here.


Team TLF

UPDATE: 10/11/2022


It’s been almost a year since we announced our plan for this development! Covid never seemed to give up on setting people behind on the plan design and fundraising opportunities. The economy was next and still not on our side, but we have come up with what we hope is our ace in the hole and will get the masses to help our NC mission and our overall goal to expand these friendly, affordable communities nationwide. Stay tuned for more updates, and please get involved!

Skyrocketing Rents vs TLF

by Tattered Lives Farm
October 19, 2021



Skyrocketing rents across the country have made the founder Jason Jean rethink the adjacent 100-acre parcel for a for-profit company he owned to transfer the remaining land to TLF and use it for families that have been hit with hard times and need a helping hand.


Jean’s concept of Tattered Lives Farms’ “Restart Community” is a one-of-a-kind idea to help families and individuals affected by a traumatic experience. With the help of financial donations, in-kind donations, and future private loans, TLF and it’s over 100 new homes will help benefit future communities around the country.


Team TLF

More land option update

by Tattered Lives Farm
May 4, 2021


We are proud to announce that we can purchase the remaining acres that surround the original 56 acres. We will launch a fundraising campaign to help the farm secure the other 100+ acres. TLF needs to acquire the property to help maintain the farm.


This will be done through housing that will be built that the farm can rent out for when people want to visit or attend events held by TLF, ensuring our guests can stay onsite. 


Everyone stay safe, and if you want to volunteer, have anything to donate, or want to donate, click here financially click here.



Team TLF


501(c)(3) status update


by Tattered Lives Farm
June 15, 2020


We are proud to announce we have officially received our 501 (c)(3) tax-exempt status. We must thank our founder, board members, and partners who believe in our mission and are working hard through tough times to build the farm. We hope to have construction started on the main house and outbuildings by mid-fall.


Weather in the area so far this spring has kept the loggers from being able to cut and chip the 56 acres to date. We have our fingers crossed that they will be able to move in, in the next couple of weeks.


Everyone stay safe, and if you want to volunteer, have anything to donate, or like to contribute financially, click here.


Team TLF