1. Eligibility:
We appreciate your interest in the Tattered Lives Farm Inc People Helping People
Home Giveaway program. The program is designed for families with special
needs. These include but are not limited to financial hard times; children with
special needs; death; traumatic injuries; other life-sustaining injuries with
complications, or some other unique situation that hasn’t been discussed yet!
Tattered Lives Farm, Inc, the foundation reserves the right to make exceptions on
a case-by-case basis. The winner must agree to enter into a rental contract with
Tattered Lives Farm, Inc or one of its subsidiaries and adhere to all rental terms
associated with living at the winning property address.
2. Age requirement:
You must be at least 18 years old to enter.
3. Entry period:
Submissions start on 4/1/2023 and end on 10/1/2023.
4. Winner Selection:
The winner will be chosen randomly on 12/1/2023 and notified by phone and social media.
5. How to enter:
a. You must fill out the form online or mail your entry to the mailing address at
Tattered Lives Farm, Inc
Suite 4179
13567 NC Hwy 50
Surf City, NC 28445

b. A minimum of a two-minute video explaining why you should be picked must
 be submitted along with your online or written submission.
6. Prize value:
The estimated value of the Tattered Lives Farm, Inc, People Helping People
Home Giveaway house is a 1260sqft three-bedroom, two-bath home. The prize
is valued at $180,000. The prize value is based on a rental rate of $1,500 per
month over ten (10) years. This prize has no cash value and cannot be redeemed for
7. This prize is non-transferable:
The Tattered Lives Farm, Inc, People Helping People Home Giveaway prize is
non-transferable. The winner will live rent-free until they decide to move or have
been terminated from renting the property for a rules violation.

8. What is the winner responsible for:
The winner will enter into a standard rental contract for the property they will
habitat. The winner will pay no rent. The winner will be responsible for all utilities.
The unit is subject to a yearly inspection and within the rental contract, said
property should be kept to rental standards. All detailed maintenance in the rental
contract will be free to the winner except for any repairs accrued by the winner
outside of normal wear and tear or any damage brought on by the winner or associates

of winner.
9. Right to disqualify:
Tattered Lives Farm, Inc has the right to disqualify any submission or winner
should any term of the contest or rental agreement be violated at the sole
discretion of Tattered Lives Farm, Inc.
10. Rights granted:
By submitting your entry into the Tattered Live Farm, Inc People Helping People
Home Giveaway, you hereby grant to the Company, its parent, subsidiary, and
affiliated companies, during the term of the contest and beyond with the
Company, and for a period of five (5) years after the termination of that contest
for any reason, the right to use the submitting member and family names,
likenesses and biographies in connection with the advertising, sale and/or
marketing of the Company’s, or its parent or affiliated companies, products or

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