Tattered Lives Stories

Through the production of the show Tattered Lives Stories, we hope to bring together others who have gone through the same type of trauma to help heal through the stories of others. Fill out the form below if you have experienced trauma in your life and want to talk about it.

Your Story

To often we fell alone, abandoned, and do not know where to turn. We feel as if we are the only ones dealing with the problem or have gone through your trauma. You are not alone and through the camera lens we will show you that there are others just like you, you are not alone!

Your strength to tell your story, your ups and downs, your sleepless nights, wondering how you are going to get up and function, the truths! With the production of Tattered Lives and it’s ability to be seen by the masses, we hope to bring others together who have gone through the same type of trauma. 

You want to help through your story!


Here is how you help.


This isn’t an easy process. You are about to tell the world about something very intimate that you have gone through. You want to help others like you, but are scared. That is Tattered Lives and Tattered Lives Farm is here to help! Many that have gone through trauma often say, “If I can just help one other person to deal with their hurt.” That is a power statement and to often they don’t know how to help someone like them. But now through the Tattered Lives Stories, they have the chance.

The steps!

Fill out the questionnaire and submit the information and we will review it and jump on a video call with you to discuss everything.

  1. Once it’s time for your story to be told, we will send you a video camera to get raw footage of you and others who you want and agree to be filmed. This will be a few hours of video you make and then send back.
  2. Once we receive the camera back, we get to work on putting together your storyline.
  3. Once we have the storyline completed, we will reach out to you for any thing that might have been missed.
  4. Once the storyline has been finalized, it’s time to schedule you to be filmed at the actual Tattered Lives Farm.
  5. Tattered Lives Farm, through it’s donations takes care of all your travel and our accommodations while at the farm.
  6. You will be filmed while at the farm for your three days of working with the animals and other therapeutic scenarios on the farm.

    That’s it.

    How to get Involved?

    As a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit organization Tattered Lives Farm relies on your generosity to continue providing our excellent care and services.

    We sincerely appreciate every donation.

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