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Tattered Lives Farm is here to give back and help those who have given so much for our everyday freedoms throughout their own lives. We recognize the therapeutic value of bringing together the tattered lives of humans and farm animals promotes health and healing for our families and our animals.
When a family experiences a significant trauma or loss it affects each member differently. We would like to provide an opportunity with the assistance of our animals and qualified staff for each family member to work through their loss, trauma, and grief to process and heal.  Click the link to learn more TLF PP Final

The Design Concept

Here is our initial draft of what we want the main homestead and main outbuilding to look like. TLF is scheduled to build 10 small cabin type facilities to house families that are brought in to the farm, guests entertainment who are brought in for an upcoming event and their staff. When events aren’t planned we will use the cabins for income and allow people to stay there and enjoy what the farm as to offer.

In the initial concept it’s important to show how the common area is built to bring everyone together during meal time. TLF’s caretaker will feed the families that are brought in three meals per day. Some will be at the homestead and others will be out on the farm in a picnic setting. Click the link to learn more TLF PP Final

Keeping Busy on the Farm

A non-profit can’t rely on donations alone to keep it afloat. You have to be creative in making sure money comes in from all kinds of opportunities. That’s why having the farm and the different fun activities open to the general public is extremely important to the overall success of the TLF mission! These activities will be used by the families that are brought in to help rebuild the mental strength that so many lack after a trauma affects their family and the daily stressors of that come with raising amazing kids with autism and special needs children. 

Having unique activities like a zipline, paintball outdoor arena, outdoor laser tag, skeet range, field animal relaxation areas, animal petting areas and crop harvesting areas. As you can see thinking outside the box will assure Tattered Lives Farm is successful for years to come. Click the link to learn more TLF PP Final

How to get Involved?

As a 501 (c)(3) Non-Profit organization Tattered Lives Farm relies on your generosity to continue providing our excellent care and services. We sincerely appreciate every donation.