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When a family experiences a significant trauma, loss, or grief, it affects each member differently. With the assistance of our animals and qualified staff, we would like to provide the opportunity to allow each family member to process and heal; through our Tattered Lives Farm Restart Community project, we enable families to start anew.


The farm has multiple confidence-building areas. Whether it’s the zip line, range, horseback riding, or the always fun paintball and laser tag arena. The farm has something for everyone who comes to help build back or start building their confidence backup.  


Construction is underway in spring 2023, and completion is scheduled for spring 2024. The main entrance and parking are first on the list to complete by summer 2023. As that is finished, we will host events on the property to ensure you know what is coming. 

The Design Concept

Tattered Lives Farm will have a main barn to rent for events such as weddings, receptions, corporate retreats, team-building activities, and family-style events. In addition to the barn, TLF will also be building ten cabins. When events are unplanned, the cabins will be available for rent so families can stay for a weekend and enjoy what the farm offers.

Keeping Busy on the Farm

A non-profit can’t rely on donations alone to keep it afloat. They must be creative in ensuring money comes in from all kinds of opportunities. That’s why having the farm and the different fun activities open to the public is essential to the overall success of the TLF mission! The families and individuals will use these activities brought in to help rebuild the mental strength that so many need replenished after a traumatic event.

Our plan includes unique activities such as a zipline, paintball arena, laser tag, range, field animal relaxation areas, animal petting zones, horseback riding, and crop harvesting areas.

Farm Animal Petting Area

The farm’s primary focus has always been an animal sanctuary and to have a petting area. Tattered Lives Farm’s desire to utilize the animals in a therapeutic setting can help heal the many broken hearts and minds of the ones who need that animal bond! Animals can make you feel better, and its Tattered Lives Farm hopes that over 5 acres of designated joy will help everyone involved.

Cottage Rentals

When you have an event barn of this size and as many events going on each week it helps when you can house your own attendees. On the farm property we are building 15 small cottages to help with the ones who rent out the facility with the ability to stay on Tattered Lives Farm and enjoy all the amenities it has to offer.

The Main Event Barn

Once it is all said and done, the Tattered Lives Farm event barn will look much like this masterpiece! The plan for the 10,000 sqft structure is to host corporate events, weddings, rehearsal dinners, family events, and our bi-monthly farmer’s markets.

With its commercial kitchen and staff, making this barn a one-stop shop for its users is our goal. The greatest thing is when you rent out the TLF event barn; the proceeds go to helping the Tattered Lives Farm mission.

Community Garden Park

Community is big here at Tattered Lives Farm, and with over 100 homes in the neighborhood and more in the surrounding neighborhoods, a community garden is a great way to get the neighborhood involved. Soon there will be a signup area for interested parties to get their small plot to start gardening in. Along with the gardens will be a small community park for all to enjoy,
whether to enjoy a sunset or watch your kids enjoy the playground.

Farmers Market

Having a farmers’ market at Tattered Lives Farm seems like it goes together like milk and cookies. To start, we are looking at having a bimonthly farmers market setup once are parking lot is established. Once the event barn is constructed, an open space to house numerous vendors to start will be the foundation for future indoor capabilities.

Paint Ball/Air Soft Arena

Nothing like expanding on the hottest trend, is there? With over two acres of the battlefield, players can move around and battle for each other’s flags. Realistic smashed cars, buildings, trees, and mounds of dirt used as cover will give the feel of a real online experience.

Zip Line

Our Zipline area is dedicated to having an adult and a children’s zip line. The adult line will be approximately 100’ long, hopefully giving you the feeling that you are soaring like a bird. You will be high above the ground, nestled in the treetops, and as you ascend down, feel the wind beneath your feet as everyone cheers you on for doing something so daring.

Now we do have rules we have to follow, and here are a few:


  • Must be a minimum of 10 years of age.
  • Must weigh at least 70 lbs and no more than 250 lbs. We cannot give refunds if you are under or overweight.
  • Your participation must be voluntary!
  • You must sign a release of liability, acknowledging the risk before starting.
  • If under 18 a legal guardian or parent must be present and sign your waiver.
  • Must not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • You must be able to hold both hands over your head to operate your speed and braking.
  • You must be able to fit correctly into your harness and headgear.
  • Clothing must cover where the full-body harness will be applied.
  • If you have long hair must be back in a ponytail and secured before starting the zipline.
  • All jewelry that could interfere with the zipline experience must be removed and stowed by you.
  • No chewing gum, candies, or other choking hazards during your ziplining.
  • Closed-toe shoes must be worn! No flip-flops, Crocs, etc.
  • You will comply with all safety instructions, operational policies, and adult monitoring before, during, and after your zip lining experience has ended.
  • Before booking your trip, don’t hesitate to contact your physician and notify Tattered Lives Farm of any concerns about your physical condition or prescription medications

Bow & Gun Range

The farm is built to be family-friendly, and bow and gun safety will be part of that for the ones who enjoy shooting a few rounds. Tattered Lives Farm will have multiple ranges for beginners to experienced marksmen. Whether it is a crossbow, traditional bow, handgun, long gun, or skeet, the TLF shooting range will be able to accommodate your shooting desire. Bow and gun safety is our top priority, and teaching gun safety to all is one of our main focuses. The range will
always have a certified instructor on hand!

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