The Dream

Tattered Lives Farm’s in-person mental health therapy animal farm is a dream design concept that is being constructed from scratch. When fully built, this project will bring animals together with individuals or families dealing with traumatic mental health issues.  Below are concepts of what is looking to be built on the raw land.

Visit Us at the Farm

When a family experiences a significant trauma, loss, or grief, it affects each member differently. With the assistance of our animals and qualified staff, we would like to provide the opportunity to allow each family member to process and heal; through our Tattered Lives Farm Restart Community project, we enable families to start anew.


The farm has multiple confidence-building areas.  The farm has something for everyone who comes to help build or build their confidence back up.  


Construction is underway in spring 2023; completion is scheduled for late winter 2024. The main entrance, parking, and animal outbuildings are first on the list to be completed by the end of winter 2023. As that is finished, we will host events on the property to ensure you know what is coming. 

The Design Concept

Tattered Lives Farm will have a main barn to rent for events such as weddings, receptions, corporate retreats, team-building activities, and family-style events. In addition to the barn, TLF will also be building ten cabins. When events are unplanned, the cabins will be available for rent so families can stay for a weekend and enjoy what the farm offers.

Keeping Busy on the Farm

A non-profit can’t rely on donations alone to keep it afloat. They must be creative in ensuring money comes in from all kinds of opportunities. That’s why having the farm and the different fun activities open to the public is essential to the overall success of the TLF mission! The families and individuals will use these activities brought in to help rebuild the mental strength that so many need replenished after a traumatic event.

Farm Animal Petting Area

Tattered Lives Farm has always wanted to incorporate the idea of animals in a therapeutic setting. With our animal sanctuary including petting areas, we hope these gentle creatures can help bring peace to your heart and mind with the bonds made. TLF will have over 5 acres designated to the animal sanctuary that can help bring joy to all!

Cottage Rentals

Why let the party end? Stay on the property and enjoy all the amenities Tattered Lives Farm offers! With activities like ziplining, paintball, and a shooting range scheduled to be built by fall 2023, our cottages can accommodate your guests at their convenience. Fully equipped with a small kitchenette, washer, dryer, etc., these 2 bed, 1 bath units are perfect for a getaway!

The Main Event Barn

Just 20 minutes outside of Jacksonville, NC, Tattered Lives Farm offers you and your guests an escape from the city into a family-friendly oasis. In our fully-serviced 10,000 sqft “Event Barn,” we can host various events. From corporate ceremonies to weddings and even our bi-monthly farmer’s markets! Planned to be completed in  2024, Tattered Lives Farm “Event Barn” will look much like this with retractable walls; what a masterpiece! The best part of it all? When renting out the TLF Event Barn, the proceeds go towards the Tattered Lives Farm mission.

Community Garden Park

Nothing matters more to Tattered Lives Farm than the community. With over 100 homes in the TLF neighborhood, a Community Garden and park are essential that our residents and guests should have the opportunity to experience. Sign-up slots will be available in spring 2024 for those interested in getting their plot! With learning opportunities, fresh food, and community collaboration, the possibilities with your garden are endless. Next door to these plots will be a park for all to enjoy – Perfect for sunset views of playground play dates.

Farmers Market

Nothing says “local” more than Tattered Lives Farm’s Farmers Market! With bi-monthly markets, vendors and guests can come together to buy or sell various items. Once the parking lot is established, scheduled for late fall 2023, and with the eventual addition of the in/outdoor event barn, we will host our first event!


Coming soon!

Paint Ball/Air Soft Arena

Test out your aim and skills with our Paintball Arena! With over two acres of the battlefield, players can run through the buildings, over smashed cars, and hide behind dirt mounds for the opponent’s flag!

Bow & Gun Range

For those adrenaline junkies who love to shoot a few rounds, or even those who want to learn some safety for bows or guns, come out to our Bow and Gun Ranges! Our ranges are built for those of all skills, whether you’re just starting or an experienced marksman.


Crossbows, traditional bows, handguns, long guns, or even skeet, the TLF shooting range will accommodate your shooting desire! With a certified instructor always on hand, we can ensure safety and an excellent time for everyone involved!

Benefits Of Animal Assisted Therapy

By Tattered Lives Farm

When we experience grief or trauma, we are as a person are sometimes shaken. We are scared to move on and live in the pain of what has just happened—trusting yourself and those around you to understand what life looks like is difficult. We isolate and hide feelings, causing more pain and turmoil and delaying healing. The bond between animals and humans has always been strong, but most don’t see farm animals as your typical therapy animal. The dog or a dairy cow are all accepting, non-judgemental beings that get and love take on without regard for their state. 



Animal-assisted therapy can be more than just simply spending time with the animal. Engaging the animal in walking, brushing, feeding, riding, and overall care increases empathy, self-esteem, trust, and social skill and decreases isolation, loneliness, anxiety, and depression.

The goofy entertainment nature of a goat can provide a laugh and a lighthearted moment to someone while they are hurting. A horse or a cow’s calm and composed nature can help break down walls and allow someone to open up and trust. Sometimes the animals can tell us that it’s ok, but not always to be ok.


Team TLF

Our Friends

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