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February 11, 2023

We sit down and talk with the Founder, Jason Jean and get the latest TEA of what is happening with TLF.

Staff: It’s a month into the new year; what has been happening behind the scenes at Tattered Lives Farm?

Jason: We have started to focus more on our social media presence and that has been challenging. How do you make the mission popular? We think we have solved that problem and are really looking forward to launching that NEW idea very shortly!

Staff: Besides social media, what else behind the scenes has been going on?

Jason: It’s been a crazy start to the new year! Suddenly, things have fallen into place. Since we got the remaining 100 acres gifted over to the farm, it’s been go time.

Staff: Was it hard getting the land transferred over?

Jason: It wasn’t hard, but we needed the stars, moon, and sun to align; well, they did, and here we are.

Staff: What happens now that the land has been transferred finally?

Jason: We updated the original design and moved a road or two around to get a few more lots for future affordable housing development. We also moved where the farmhouse and outbuildings will be located. It was better and more economical to move the entrance of one of the new intersections compared to constructing a new road just for that entrance. We always have to be fiscally looking for what is best for the farm and development.

Staff: When do you think construction will start on phase 1 of the development?

Jason: Our goal is to have everything in place by October of this year. We have five lots ready right now and hope to start those sooner. We have to put a few things into place for that.

Staff: What is different for those five lots compared to the rest?

Jason: The financing. As you know, I want to do this entire development without using institutional money to develop, build or close. To do that, I have had to think outside the box and ensure we follow all federal guidelines for future investors.

Staff: What makes this so different and challenging?

Jason: If you remember, I’ve always wanted the development properties to be owned by, let’s say, the average joe, and to allow the average joe to invest in that opportunity, we have to follow some stringent SEC laws. We are now working with two firms to ensure all those guidelines are in place, and we hope to have that by October.

Staff: Why is it such a big deal to allow the average joe to invest?

Jason: With the current economic environment we all live in, it is hard to ask someone for a donation, so I wanted to have a system built that allows people to invest instead of donate so that little they can invest can help another family and help themselves financially also. Let’s think about this, you put money in a saving account and make nothing from it. Here you can help another family or individual and make a little on what you are helping them with!

Staff: What is the end goal of Tattered Lives Farm?

Jason: Wow, the end goal? I would say it’s two parts. The first, I would say, is to have a Tattered Lives Farm located in every state or some cases, two or more if possible. The mission of affordable housing has become a big hit, and incorporating the farm within each development is the icing on the cake. The second is to have anyone and everyone vested in the idea and making money, so reinvent how people look at Tattered Lives Farm and their opportunities to participate.

Below is a link to the video behind TLF.

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