Our weekly VLOG coming February 2023, is here to help families and victims. We will be hitting the streets to speak with random people about what they have experienced in life that was a traumatic event and how they have moved on from it or haven’t. Do you have a VLOG idea that you would like to submit? If so, fill out the form below for submission.


Hi, I’m Jason, the founder of Tattered LIves Farm, and I need your HELP to break away from the SYSTEM of old! As a nonprofit, we have to think outside the box to stay alive, and I did that. The new box we are constructing allows you to be directly involved financially. You get bombarded with charities wanting money, and you often wonder or hear your money was wasted.


Well, we are changing that! Here at Tattered Lives Farm, we are building a system like no other, and your initial donation will help build that system. Once it is made, you will see how your future generosity can benefit not only the ones who need it but you! Please donate and be part of the change.

I was super excited to post my first VLOG. Very energetic to be able to just talk and feel free. TLF is like an onion and there are so many layers to peel back I touch a little on why charities and Tattered Lives Farm is so important to me.

Please donate and be part of the change.