Why we need your help!

January 30, 2023

It’s go time!

I know there is a 90% chance you will laugh and blow this off but for the ones who have the vision and want to be part of the CHANGE in a positive way, it is you the 10% that actually make a difference.

I’m building what I think is the first in the nonprofit arena that will allow you to benefit from helping others. Money is tight so MAKE YOUR MONEY WORK FOR YOU! That is what we are doing here at Tattered Lives Farm and the system that is being built!

I’m here asking for your help in any small or large way to help with the model home for phase 1 and the SYSTEM to be built so you will benefit in the future. This SYSTEM follows all Federal and State guidelines. I’ve already got the site plans and starting the infrastructure for the other phases. The SYSTEM is being started and is to be completed in about 6 months.

If you want to donate it would be incredibly greatly appreciated but if you could please share and I know even that we don’t like to bog down our feed with endless things like this, so even sharing is greatly appreciated.

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