Why giveaway a home rent free?

April 6, 2023

Jason Jean, CEO & Founder and Director of Fundraising Jackie Ventura 


Staff: What made you want to give away a home rent-free?

Jason: When Tattered Lives Farm (TLF) expanded its mission to include affordable rental

housing, I wanted to do something to help a family in need. I knew it was important to

let everyone know about Tattered Lives Farm and how we are making it part of our

mission to get People Helping People! Frankly, the times we live in are often dark for so

many families. In our People Helping People Home Giveaway, we will brighten the life of

at least one family.


Staff: Do you think people will take your offer seriously?

Jason: I would hope so; the lot is ready to build on, we just need a winner. But I

understand your question! I’m sure TLF is considered new at first glance, but in reality,

TLF isn’t. Covid, like everything, just pushed a pause button, but now, we are able to

start construction and make real progress towards People Helping People. Our team is

ecstatic to be able to help a deserving family in need.


Staff: Can you share a bit about the home that you are giving away?

Jason: The Driftwood model is a great design for any family. Three bedrooms and two

baths allow a family of many sizes to live comfortably (rent-free). The lot where the

home will be located has a lot of room for a family to enjoy a night under the stars,

space for kids to play freely or host family gatherings.


Staff: Who qualifies to enter the home giveaway?

Jason: The giveaway is open to anyone to any family in need within our guidelines (see

official website for details). Examples of qualifying families would be: a family that has a

child with special needs (severe illness, etc), families who have been through a traumatic experience, 

military families in need, GOLD STAR families or simply a family who has been dealt a challenging life

circumstance. We allow for one entry per family, with a required video submission

sharing their story. A random family will be drawn on December 1st, 2023.


Staff:  What expenses will the home giveaway winner be responsible for?

Jason: The winner must pay for their utilities and basic home expenses like food. We

hope through the support of donors & sponsors to be able to assist with other expenses

such as moving costs, new furniture, etc. TLF will maintain the standard home

maintenance, but anything damaged not under the definition of normal must be

repaired at the winner’s expense.


Jackie Ventura, Director of Fundraising for Tattered Lives Farm

Staff: With such an extensive background in the non-profit field, what drew you to working for TLF?

Jackie: Having recently worked for a non-profit of a very rare disease, I have always had a

strong sense of wanting to be able to help the ‘under dog’. When I met with Jason and

learned about TLF and what he was trying to accomplish, I knew I wanted to get

involved and use my past experience to make this a success. I’m a seasoned event

planner by trade but have spent the last 7 years working as a Fundraising Manager and

helped raise millions of dollars for a rare disease. Fundraising is not for the faint of

heart, however, I am up for the challenge to help TLF be able to make a difference in the

lives of those who are less fortunate.


Staff: What are your thoughts on the home giveaway?

Jackie: I love that we at TLF will be able to provide this opportunity for a family who has

been dealt a tough hand at life. It is such an incredible gift and we’re excited that it will

be made possible by local members of the community through personal donations &



Staff: What challenges do you see TLF facing to fundraise during these challenging economic times?

Jackie: Fundraising is challenging no matter the economy. There are so many worthy

causes out there deserving of people’s hard earned money. What draws people to a

non-profit they are willing to donate to, is something that is relatable to them. At TLF,

everyone regardless of age, wealth or race demographic, has had a challenge in their life

at some point. To that end, people love a good comeback story and that’s what we are

hoping to provide many families at TLF both through our affordable home rentals and

our farm that will have lots of great amenities.


Staff: What are the best ways for people to support TLF and the home giveaway?

Jackie: As a new non-profit, monetary donations are always welcome and needed. We

have a lofty fundraising goal of $250,000 to raise by the end of 2023 which will help

fund the home we are giving away. Every dollar truly makes a difference! If you are

unable to contribute financially, we are also accepting in-kind sponsorships for our

home giveaway and more importantly will require lots of volunteers for the build. Lastly,

if you are interested in hosting a fundraising event for TLF, let us know and we can guide

you on best practices for a successful event.


Staff: Can you share how donations will be used for the People Helping People Home Giveaway?

Jackie: Of course! TLF always wants to ensure donors that we are being good stewards

of their hard earned money. That said, each dollar donated will directly help us reach

our goal of $250,000 to be able to build a home to give away to a family in need. A

donation as small as $25 can help pay for an hour of labor or furnishings for the home.

We are not a large scale corporation with leadership making millions- we are a small but

mighty team with a passion to help others!



Thank you,



Tattered Lives Farm, Inc


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