Adopt or Sponsor One of Our Animals
Our animals are available for adoption to compassionate individuals who wish to make a difference in the lives of rescued production farm animals such as cows, bulls, goats, pigs, horses, chickens, and a rooster named Casanova.
Our Story
Tattered Lives Farm is a North Carolina Non-profit organization and 501(c)(3) that rescues production farm animals and provides them with a safe place to interact with families that have experienced trauma and loss such as families of fallen veterans and first responders.
Visit Us
Located in Maple Hill, NC about 20 minutes from the famous Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune and the Atlantic Ocean! The 56 acres now known as Tattered Lives Farm was donated to the 501c3 and cannot wait to have visitors step foot on the dream. Click the link to learn more TLF PP Final
Tattered Lives Stories
Tattered Lives Farms, through the use of its production capabilities, will produce an online show called Tattered Lives Stories. This formatted show will help people tell their story of what traumatic event they are trying to heal from.  By opening up and telling their story, we hope to help many others in their search for peace.  

How to Give Back

As a 501 (c)(3) Non-Profit organization Tattered Lives Farm relies on your generosity to continue providing our excellent care and services. We sincerely appreciate every donation.