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“A non-profit focused on wellness & land development that emotionally & financially changes lives!”

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Our Story

Our founder, Jason Jean, recognized through multiple life-changing events that trauma and loss do not care who, what, or where you are. He also realized the importance of one's mental health and how difficult it is to find help, but it’s even more difficult admitting you need help. He recognized that the groups that suffer through this, whether two or four or no legs, usually don’t have the support they need – that’s where Tattered Lives Farm (“TLF”) comes in. Being a 56+ acre parcel that operates as a North Carolina and federal 501(c)(3) nonprofit, our mission is to bring the lives of animals, visitors, and the community together to promote healing in a therapeutic environment.

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TLF is similar to other non-profits that are in need of external funding to operate successfully. Most of us find ourselves feeling as if we are being taxed, tipped, and asked to donate often. We approach donations differently and understand that giving is personal.
The philanthropy program consists of methods that avoids the use of institutional funding and incorporates a unique People Helping People program. It begins with asking businesses to support our mission through discounts for their products or services to our members, and in return, under the philanthropy program, you are supporting those businesses who support us. This notion grows the TLF motto of People Helping People.
TLF’s transparency model exhibits how the funds from the philanthropy program will be used to build the farm and the adorable inaugural 30-affordable-home project in Maple Hill, NC. The philanthropy sign up area hosts information on how the exclusivity opportunities before those afe opened to the public on becoming a fractional owner of the affordable home project and for future nationwide affordable living TLF projects.
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If you have a drive and desire to be part of the solution and the movement of People Helping People, this is where you start!

  • Draw people to your business.

  • An enriching way to reinvest in the community.

  • Help families navagate traumatic life events.

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When others resonate with our mission, our platform succeeds by utilizing a charitable structure for our projects!

  • The Backbone of People Helping People program.

  • Monitary donations vs Institutional funding.

  • 100% of your donations fund the TLF mission.

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Our Mission

Tattered Lives Farm (“TLF”) believes that life is better lived by having a solid foundation of faith and intact mental health.

The three pillars of TLF hope to support your success in building a strong life foundation. TLF offers an online platform called, which is designed as a mental health peer support group. Tattered Lives Farm will offer animal-assisted therapy for the relief of symptoms such as depression and anxiety. The Rising Phoenix Development Communities has been developed as an affordable housing option to assist families in establishing the restart to having a home.

You are interested in how the TLF fractional owner process works. Here it is in a nutshell.

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